Top 10 Career Choices in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

1. Data Scientist: Data Scientists are responsible for collecting, cleaning, and analyzing data to find insights that can help businesses make better decisions.

2. Machine Learning Engineer: Machine Learning Engineers design and implement machine learning algorithms and models to automate tasks or create predictive models.

3. Artificial Intelligence Researcher: AI Researchers conduct research on artificial intelligence and develop new algorithms and models to solve complex problems..

4. Business Intelligence Analyst: Business Intelligence Analysts use data to help businesses make informed decisions.

5. Data Engineer: Data Engineers design and implement large-scale data processing systems.

6. Data Architect: Data Architects design and maintain the architecture of data systems.

7. Data Mining Engineer: Data Mining Engineers develop and implement algorithms to discover patterns and insights in large datasets.

8. Data Visualization Developer: Data Visualization Developers create visualizations and dashboards to help businesses better understand their data.

9. Data Quality Analyst: Data Quality Analysts are responsible for ensuring the correctness and completeness of data.

10. Robotics Engineer: Robotics Engineers design, build, and program robots.