10 Things Boomers Enjoyed, But Gen Z Won’t Get

Cassette tapes. Boomers used to listen to music on cassette tapes. Gen Z listens to music on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Encyclopedias. Boomers used to research information in encyclopedias. Gen Z can find anything they need to know on the internet.

Typewriters. Boomers used to type letters and reports on typewriters. Gen Z types on computers and laptops.

Watching television shows live. Boomers used to watch television shows when they were broadcast live. Gen Z can watch television shows on demand anytime they want.

Playing outside until dark. Boomers used to play outside until dark, without any supervision from adults. Gen Z's childhoods are more structured and supervised.

Collecting baseball cards. Boomers used to collect baseball cards. Gen Z is more likely to collect video game consoles or trading cards.

Going to the arcade. Boomers used to go to the arcade to play video games. Gen Z can play video games on their smartphones or consoles at home.

Watching movies on VHS tapes. Boomers used to watch movies on VHS tapes. Gen Z watches movies on streaming services or on DVD.

Rotary phones. Boomers remember the days of rotary phones, when you had to crank the handle to make a call. Gen Z has never used a rotary phone, and they probably can't even imagine how it works.